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No one enters into a marriage thinking about its end, but sometimes marriage just does not work. Whether due to irreconcilable differences or a serious action on the part of a spouse, there are times when divorce or separation is best, both for emotional and sometimes physical safety. When you have come to the point that you need to separate from your spouse, Southern Law Center, P.L., offers the services of a family law attorney in Coral Springs. Led by managing attorney Lachezar Vanchev, Esq., Southern Law Center, P.L., is a multi-lingual firm that provides a compassionate approach to your family law case.

Divorce, Separation and More from a Skilled Family Law Attorney in Coral Spring

Southern Law Center, P.L., focuses its family law practice on the dissolution of marriage through divorce or separation. This process is rarely easy for clients, as individuals must think about their financial and emotional futures while dealing with the emotional challenges of a failed marriage. Having skilled legal counsel at your side will help protect you from making a costly mistake. As a Coral Springs family law attorney, Lachezar Vanchev, Esq., can guide you through the paperwork and legal considerations to make your separation or divorce final.

In addition to dissolution of marriage, the firm assists with child support and custody questions. Mr. Vanchev will also provide legal services to families seeking to grow their families through adoption, both domestic and international. No matter which type of case he is handling, he will do what is necessary to achieve what is best for his clients, even if that includes going to trial.

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Information and guidance is crucial when it comes to family law issues. In the midst of an emotionally challenging time, you may struggle to keep your future needs and responsibilities in mind. A family law attorney can help you do just that.

Before you start divorce proceedings or another family law issue, make sure you partner with a skilled attorney in Coral Springs. Southern Law Center, P.L., and family law attorney Lachezar Vanchev are here to help. Call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and your case.

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