Coral Springs Criminal Law

If you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime, even if that crime seems minor, you need to know the serious nature of the potential consequences. Not only do criminal cases bring fines, but they can bring jail time, loss of privileges and a record that will follow you and affect future jobs and housing options. In Coral Springs, Southern Law Center, P.L., led by Attorney Lachezar Vanchev, provides criminal law services to those facing these types of criminal accusations. From domestic violence charges to DUI, Southern Law Center, P.L., will ensure that your rights are protected as you build a strong defense.

Minor Infractions Cause Long-Term Consequences

When most people think of criminal law cases, they think of the big cases, but the reality is that small infractions, including DUI cases, driving without a license, solicitation, domestic violence and similar types of cases, can carry penalties that will follow you for years. They need to be treated with aggressive representation just as the big cases do, and this includes partnering with a Coral Springs criminal law attorney.

Attorney Lachezar Vanchev and the team at Southern Law Center, P.L., will take the time to look into all details of your case and your arrest. This will help him to create a defense that will show your innocence or put doubt in the minds of the courts. The end goal is to get the best potential outcome for your case, with a dismissal of the charges whenever possible.

Partner with a Skilled Criminal Law Attorney in Coral Springs

The team at Southern Law Center, P.L., is focused on providing superior legal services in a cost effective manner. At all times, criminal law attorney Lachezar Vanchev will keep his client’s best interests and goals in mind. The firm’s team is able to assist clients in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian Bulgarian and Arabic, and Attorney Vanchev himself speaks Bulgarian, Russian and Macedonian fluently. If you are looking for a diverse law firm with a client-centric focus who can help you with your case, you want to work with the Southern Law Center, P.L.

Don’t let one mistake ruin your future and your potential. With Lachezar Vanchev, Esq., your Coral Springs criminal law attorney, you can build a defense that will help protect you from the penalties that would come with a conviction. Contact Southern Law Center, P.L., today.

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